I believe government's primary job is to make the lives of its citizens easier.  Since government belongs to us, it should be transparent and we should know what government is doing on our behalf.  Government should be fiscally responsible and use our money to invest in the future of Kentucky and its children.  I  have fought to allow early voting and Saturday voting hours, as well as to keep our polls in metropolitan areas open until 7 PM.  I have worked to strengthen Kentucky's Open Records and Open meetings laws.  I have supported our public education system and fought to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.  I support an overhaul of our current state tax code and the creation of new revenue streams such as gaming and medical cannabis. 

In my ongoing work to serve Kentuckians, I am fighting for:

    *  Government that is Transparent & Sensible 

    *  Quality Public Education

    *  Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

    *  Fiscally Responsible Investment In Our Future

It remains my honor to serve the people of Kentucky.


To the right is a map of the 48th Legislative District.  Click the button below to view an expanded version of this map: 

48th District Map

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